Andrés Reisinger 'Unclassifiable' book unveiling

Digital artist and designer Andrés Reisinger was delighted to present ‘Unclassifiable’, the first book ever delving into the creator’s vision. On October 19th the book has been unveiled for the first time with a special event at the MODES Paris boutique during Paris Art Week.

‘Unclassifiable’ is an intimate, immersive and tactile view into the digital artist and designer’s creative journey. Five different chapters, each presenting a curated selection of Reisinger’s work under diverse abstract and poetic themes, as distinctive as expansive, that capture the essence of his practice. An alluring blend of poetic text and images review the many facets of the artist’s work. 348 pages to discuss theories and motions that have been defining in his path, providing an invaluable behind-the-scenes gaze into his multiform, and unclassifiable, creativity.

‘Unclassifiable’ was entirely curated by Reisinger as a collectible work of art; its layout and design mirror the meticulous detail and emotional resonance that define Reisinger’s work. From the hardcover, a symbiosis of form and emotion dedicated to Hortensia, the nowadays iconic symbol of the artist’s design ethos, to the paper, textiles, colours, choice of typography and content, the book is a precious item that allows a larger public to own an artwork by Reisinger and partake in his journey. Reisinger opted for a self-published project as he desired to maintain full control on all the editorial aspects.

The book pays tribute to the craft of high-end book creation, as it is assembled by hand through age-old methods and features hand-applied colour plates on fine art paper to reflect the artisan’s distinct touch into every page of this limited run.

“While at first ‘Unclassifiable’ was conceived to simply represent my artistic journey, it soon grew into a transformative journey itself. The book was passionately crafted by a collective of intellectual luminaries, philosophers, artists, and curators, who accompanied me in reflecting upon these seven pivotal years of my digital art career. Once again, we cross boundaries and dive into a vivid tapestry of creativity, a blend of the conceptual and the tactile. It is more than a book, it is an embodiment of artistic vision” states Reisinger.