Milan Design Week 2024, MODES Presents Modes_Objects

MODES presents MODES_Objects, an exhibition of selected designers, linked by an artistic approach that expands from mono-material to light design.
MODES continues searching for innovative partnerships, affirming the desire to create a talents incubator, where fashion meets art and design.
6:am, Bram Vanderbeke, Bloc Studios, Thorben Gröbel, Heim + Viladrich, Mandalaki, NM3 are the designers who created this narrative, through an immersive journey between light and design objects.
A signature set-up that connects with the woman Milan store, that also expands on the outside, through "City Sunset" installation, a sunset created by Mandalaki Studio, which illuminated the facade of the building of Piazza Risorgimento for the entire week.

MODES took over Milan Design Week through an event that celebrates art and design. Relevant personalities of the design scenario came to MODES to appreciate a signature installation, enjoying an exclusive cocktail party.