Store Manager Mattia Rogantini

Mattia Rogantini grew up in Lake Como in a small community of around 2000 people, where he shared a “tiny house” – with a big family. He got into fashion at an early age, getting dressed with his twin sister and shopping with his mom, and – thanks to the internet – he discovered sneaker culture at an early age. “I was addicted,” he says, and as a young a devotee of HYPEBEAST and all things streetwear, he headed to Milan after high school – about an hour’s drive from his home town, but a world apart. “People just weren’t into fashion like I was,” he says. “I was in a bubble.”

“Since I was very young, I’ve wanted to be unique,” says Mattia, and once he moved to Milan, he started to meet other people who wanted the same thing. The pre-Covid city’s nightlife and events at venues such as the cinema-turned-club Apollo provided the connections that would lead to gigs in promotion, modeling, and eventually retail. “It was all about hip-hop at the time,” says Mattia of the dominant aesthetic at the club. His personal style has since moved away from streetwear and Travis Scott toward a more vintage look, inspired by contemporary spins on the 1970s and 1980s.

His first high-end fashion retail was at one of the most known street brands, where he was serving a very particular clientele – typically, young guys more interested in brand signifiers than self-expression.  When his colleague got a job at MODES, Mattia was attracted to the idea of working in a multi-brand context, too. “I wanted to express myself more,” he says. Plus, he sensed that MODES was more than a job. “It was a career opportunity. I started a year and a half ago as a client advisor. I wanted to grow up, and they encouraged me. Now, I’m manager at the Milan store.” 

As a client advisor at MODES, he says, “you’re a stylist; you are an expression of your own creativity.” Mattia loves the diversity of the clientele – “architects, lawyers, personalities from around the world who you can reach out to” – and has expanded his network and interests through the connections he has made there. One of them even landed him an Etro campaign, and Mattia continues to pursue modeling opportunities on the side.

His other passion? “I love tattoos,” says Mattia. He’s planning on full-body coverage, but doing it “Japanese-style” – meaning that when you’re dressed up in a slick suit, no one can see any ink. The last tattoo he got is a large back piece of Leonardo da Vinci’s Renaissance masterpiece Lady with an Ermine (1489-91), an art historical reference chosen for his grandmother, whose first name is Erminia.

As far as the future is concerned, at the time of our shoot Mattia was getting ready to move in with his girlfriend, close to the MODES store in Porta Romana – the “best part of Milan.” He’s also excited for the boutique’s continued expansion. Having done a stint at the Paris store – international experience is a company perk, he says – he’s looking forward to the opening of the first MODES London in December. So are his clients: “They keep sending me pictures when they pass the location!”